Legal terms 
The website is the property of CORDON ELECTRONICS
CORDON ELECTRONICS is a French company registered in Saint-Malo (France) under the number 432 371 342 (SIREN), with its headquarter located 1, Boulevard du Petit Paris – ZA Les Alleux – Taden , 22107 DINAN Cedex.

Cordon Electronics capital stock is € 2,000,000, and its legal form is a SAS (société par actions simplifiée), governed by the laws of France.

Direction of publication: Serge CORDON
Redaction : Cécile COUBOULIC
Hosting of the website : CORDON ELECTRONICS (same information as above)

The current website describes the services proposed by its subsidiary Cordon Electronics Hungary Kft, a limited company located Széchenyi tér 9, 1045 Budapest, HUNGARY, registered under the number 01-09-694152.

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Contact of the site editor
ZA les Alleux - Taden
1, boulevard du petit Paris
BP 27460 - 22107 Dinan Cedex
Phone number : +33 892 692 792